5 Tips for buying young kids clothing

  • Tip 1: When buying children’s clothing you should use the criterion of “quality”.  As children’s skin is sensitive they need the best fabrics. Cotton is still the most popular material because it is the least likely it to contain harmful substances.


  • Tip 2: If you want to make sure that the clothes are safe for your child, you should wash them before first use, as you would towels, linens and other home textiles. This would eradicate residues or substances which might irritate the skin of your kids. Furthermore, the smell of freshly washed clothes is great!


  • Tip 3: Even if you think that you know your child’s clothes size, be careful, when making this purchase. Very often parents misjudge sizes when buying clothes. It would be better for you to have your child with you and take the time for them to try them on.


  • Tip 4: If you are unsure about the size, always buy kids clothes in a slightly larger size. Even if the child cannot wear clothes now, at a later stage, these clothes will certainly be appropriate for him or her!


  • Tip 5: In principle, the kids can still express their own wishes when buying clothes. Of course, ultimately parents decide whether this or that piece of clothing is to be actually bought. Some kid’s clothes however do not have the fashion appearance, but they are very functional. You have to decide what you would like for your children, but experts believe that functionality should always be in the foreground.
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