About Beeline

Beeline is the leading factory shop for quality infants, kids, men’s and ladies casual wear clothing. Established over 40 years ago in Cape Town, Beeline has become known for its quality clothing at unbeatable prices.

Our parent company is a clothing supplier to major retail chains in South Africa, giving Beeline access to cancellations, overruns and some rejects, of known chain store quality at substantially discounted prices. In addition we have ranges manufactured exclusively for the shop at the same quality but at discounted prices.

Predominantly a childrenswear offer, our infants ranges are sized from newborn to 3 years. We then have ranges for younger boys and girls (3 to 9 years) and older boys and girls (10 to 15 years). Mens and ladies ranges are also available and we are currently expanding these categories to offer more choice.  New stock arrives weekly and there are always bargains to be had on clearance stock. Prices are generally 35% cheaper than the normal retail chain prices, providing customers with premium quality fabrics and designs at prices you can afford.

Our flagship store, at over 300m2, is located in Lansdowne, Cape Town, and we are opening new stores this year to expand our access to more customers.

History of Factory Shops

A factory shop (or outlet store) is a brick and mortar or online retail store in which manufacturers sell their stock directly to the public at discounted prices. Originally started in the 1930’s, factory shops were attached to the manufacturer’s factory or warehouse and sold excess, discontinued or damaged goods to employees. This then expanded as access was opened up to the general public and in the 1970’s outlet malls opened where a number of manufacturers/brands located their factory shops together to provide a more convenient shopping access to customers. This trend grew substantially through the 1980’s and 1990’s in the USA and throughout the world. Factory shops/outlets are today a huge part of the retail landscape and continue to grow as customers recognise the value they can get when shopping at these stores.